Conversion of a multiple dwelling

Conversion of a multiple dwelling

Multerer Architekten
Neuhaus, Schliersee, Germany | View Map
Project Year
Private Houses
Sebastian Schels
Product Spec Sheet

Bathrooms: fitting – AtrioGROHE
Electric: seriesGira
Skylights: GLL IntegraVELUX Commercial
Tiles: mosaic tiles – Plural 5x5 cmAgrob Buchtal
Fireplace: Urfeuer PanoramaBrunner GmbH
Kitchen: Modern ArtAllmilmö

Product Spec Sheet
Bathrooms: fitting – Atrio
Electric: series
by Gira
Skylights: GLL Integra
Tiles: mosaic tiles – Plural 5x5 cm
Fireplace: Urfeuer Panorama
Kitchen: Modern Art

Conversion of a multiple dwelling

Multerer Architekten as Architects

The plot is to be located south of the lake Schliersee in the part of Neuhaus. Starting point for the conversion have been two semi-detached houses from the sixties. The existing roof was unsuitable for the planned conversion and therefore demolished. The new roof together with the extension in the west, that includes the new entrance and the staircase for the new flat under the roof, is built in a timber-frame construction.


The new floor plan is driven by the requirement of a flexible usage. The flexibility is granted by the two double doors, that allow a variety of spacial configurations. The wooden frame work shows the tectonic effort and in this way becomes an important architectural element not only concerning the rooms but also to include the side gable of the house. Through a few oversized windows you get a view into surrounding mountains.


In the outer appearance of the building the subject of the frame work is continued. To the south the existing balcony was cladded completely with larch wood. On the west and east elevation the wooden façade gets dissolved into fragmentary but also figurative elements.

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Quartz office by Easst architects
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