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Corporate GM

estudio ALA
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Cesar Bejar

Corporate GM

estudio ALA as Architects

The officeis located in a 510 m2 floor inside a building in the new corporate area to the west of Guadalajara. The space proposal was thought of as an alliance between the facade, the distribution and the columns. The different planes were used to make the different spaces flow, also aiming to guide people. The main furniture was specifically designed for the proposal and together with the columns they provide character to the different work areas.


When the elevator doors open, we are greeted by the transparency of the boardroom as a synonym for dialogue, this space welcomes us without speaking or feeling observed, it is the main hall that naturally guides us towards the reception area where the main furniture With its lithic presence it allows us to intuit the natural sequence of the spaces. The dividing windows seem to intersect each other leaving a free space for circulation that allows entry into the general work area.


In the case of the offices, privacy is resolved to the limit of its fragility since this is achieved thanks to the blinds that in turn allow natural light to take center stage, filtering into the central work areas. The circular plan of the building and the columns of the structure were essential points within the proposal since the corporate layout was planned so that these columns function to hierarchize and vestibulate the various spaces. These columns are presented in different conditions, always maintaining their free character, where the result is completely different in each situation.


The 2 main offices were kept the furthest from the reception area with the intention of providing them with greater privacy, one of which is permanently linked to the boardroom. The distribution was projected giving continuity to the round shape of the building, making the interior spaces as efficient as possible and allowing the provision of natural light to the central work areas.


The materiality in all offices was kept in a simple and natural palette with well defined applications where the materials were caused to highlight their natural qualities. It is thanks to these qualities that the materials transmit a formal and relaxed message at the same time.

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