Cuore Espresso Café in Suwon
SOULGRAPH (Jin Seonggi)

Cuore espresso café in suwon

Design Studio Maoom as Architects

Upon sudden adulthood, our daily lives might be the story of a traveler in the city that is on a journey to finding the lost innocence.


We are still dreaming to find the memories of the past when we were pure and cheerful.


“A day like a fairy tale, a journey to find the moon”

Dreaming of daily life like a fairy tale, our story starts by drawing the space between different emotions and words that we think of looking at the painting ‘path (길)’ by artist Jiyoung Park.


The journey starts with 4 ridges and byways next to it. You can feel the wind through the swaying fabric and find a new landscape among the different furniture hid here and there.


On the way leading up to the hill, you will meet the shining moon on the terrace (the moon). When you turn back, you can see the landscape of the small hill that you have come by on your journey.


In addition, when you climb up to the 4th floor, you will see something swaying in the wind. You will experience the same quiet and calm clouds that you saw on the fabric exhibition of the 3rd floor. When you meet the crescent moon in the late night at the terrace, you can make a wish, which will mark the end of your journey.


Late at night,

The moon is at its brightest moment.

The moon is always at the same place to give us comfort through both our happy and sad moments. We hope that your day like a fairy tale is contained in the moonlight.

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