CV Skin and Body Center Alabang Interiors

CV Skin and Body Center Alabang Interiors

MTD architecture
Muntinlupa City, Philippines
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CV Skin and Body Center Alabang Interiors

MTD architecture as Architects

Our design team has come up with a design solution based on client’s needs and requirements. As a skin and body center, we have developed a design that would strongly create an identity to the brand. We take our move to introduce a new concept, innovative and out of the box design. The general look of the center was derived from the main concept of SKIN in which Cathy Valencia specializes.. Skin is the outermost covering of human body with a purpose of protecting and projecting beauty or aesthetics. It is a multi-layer with random patterns as can be seen in a microscopic view. One of the characteristics of a skin which is highly appreciated, is the smoothness. It somehow pictures fluidity and dynamism. That can be very obvious in our design. Random patterns are evident in the concept with smooth transition of lines which establish continuity in spaces from flooring to wall and to the ceiling. This allows to identify circulation among spaces and promotes free flowing ambiance or movements. Each space has maintained overall feel of the center achieving the cool, chic, and cozy environment. The selection of scheme tried to make an alive atmosphere, clean and neat space. The concept is also to create an iconic establishment to catch attention and attract possible customers from main hallway of the mall. With this, a new Identity would be created for the brand “ Cathy Valencia”. A space where aesthetics could truly be projected from service provider to their users.

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