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Private Houses
Nacasa & Partners

DEVICE#9:private residence & office

N MAEDA ATELIER as Architects

DEVICE #9 is our idea of the simplest architectural format.
The format starts with a completely empty box. The only "rules" are to implant four GARDENs serving as devices. The only other thing we have done is to place facilities and objects indispensable for living.
To metaphorize, the empty box is a flat steel sheet, and the four GARDENs are magnets positioned below the steel sheet. The external environment and the actions of the dweller are inserted therein, just like scattering sand on the steel sheet. Only the way in which the environment and the mind of the dweller exist create the visage of DEVICE #9 and color it.
The floor of the four GARDENs serving as devices are mirror-polished stainless steel, so the blue sky, clouds, sunset, moon, tree boughs waving in the breeze, etc., are transported to the floor level of this single-story house, and further, the glass of the GARDENs is tilted, so blowing rain is metamorphosed into glittering eavesdrops like raindrops running down a car windshield. On a snowy day, DEVICE #9 is transformed into a world of white.

When a day is not sunny, that is, on rainy or cloudy days, or even snowy days, we tend to feel down, but DEVICE #9 is an empty box that lets us look forward to the several days of rain every month or the occasional snowy day.

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