Domnato Bakery
Manuel Sá
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
Light bulbsBrilia
Acrilyc pictogramsCriativa
Cooking appliancesGlasart
Cooking appliancesGrunox
Dishwashing appliancesHobart

Product Spec Sheet
Light bulbs
by Brilia
Acrilyc pictograms
by Deca
Cooking appliances
by Glasart
Cooking appliances
by Grunox
Dishwashing appliances
by Hobart

Domnato Bakery

Livre Arquitetura as Architects

The project consists in the readjustment of an old house in a bakery, totaling 240 m2 of built area. As a restoration strategy, it was decided to preserve the old façade and to mark the area of the new intervention in an orange box. So, the project consists of two volumes that are reproduced both inside and outside. The strong color volume houses the production sites: confectionery, bakery, and kitchen.The old, blank area consists of the sector for bakery users. The confectionery, at the entrance of the building, gives greater visibility for its production of fine sweets.


The bathrooms use a single ceramic tile coating on the ceiling, walls and floor, set in pagination with whole pieces. The design objects were exclusively designed, with the aim of reinforcing the brand identity: the tiled mosaic benches allude to the location of the group's stores through map graphics; the exhibition furniture and the hanging garden. The landscaping was implemented prioritizing the use of Brazilian plants that, in our reading, refer to the natural Amazonian environment, due to their size and leaf structure. A kitchen garden was also built for the consumption of the establishment.


Material Used :
1. Rezendes Iluminação – Lighting Supply
2. Alubox - Facade Glass
3. G. Art Silk - Custom Made Benches
4. Ramalhos - Ovens
5. I.nox - Inox
6. Franco Bachot - chairs and tables
7. Grunox - cooking appliances
8. Criativa - acrilyc pictograms
9. Veloztintas - painting
10. Stella - light bulbs
11. Brilia - light bulbs
12. deca - faucets
13. Gabriel Miranda Automação e Vídeo - automation and security cameras
14. Glasart - cooking appliances
15. Hobart - dishwashing appliances

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Project Credits
Antonino - Il banco di Cannavacciuolo
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Antonino - Il banco di Cannavacciuolo

Piazza Santa Rita, 14, 28060 Vicolungo, NO, Italy - Build completed in 2019
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