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Lighting Zumtobel Lighting Gmbh
Manufacturersm&r Manufaktur Gmbh
Ceramic Tiles (wall and floor)Cinca
SuppliersGFT Fassaden AG
Parquet and wooden floors - Guignard Country Traffic GrandeGuignard Parkett
Sliding PartitionH&T Raumdesign

Product Spec Sheet
Ceramic Tiles (wall and floor)
by Cinca
Parquet and wooden floors - Guignard Country Traffic Grande
Sliding Partition

Dreiklang Steinhausen

Muller Sigrist Architekten as Architects

Centre Development “Dreiklang”, Steinhausen: A square, two new buildings and three tall landmarks combine living, shopping and meeting place.

New Look for the Village Centre

With the two new buildings the existing centre of Steinhausen is extended along the Bahnhofstrasse and lends this urban development axis a new look. By its location and position a diverse spatial sequence results in the midst of Steinhausen. The different materialisation of the two new buildings supports the aim of integrating the adjacent buildings, which are from different decades, with two city building blocks.

Space for Culture and Community

The public building with hall and public library is given a complete facing with shiny ceramic tiles as well as golden yellow anodised metal profiles on the glazings. The dividable multipurpose hall on the ground floor is made accessible by a foyer lit from the side. Due to the all-round acoustically effective cladding with trapezoid wood profiles and 6 large suspended lamps, the hall is given a pleasant festive atmosphere. On the upper floors are the artist dressing rooms, conference rooms as well as the public library. A large accessible roof-top terrace for use and events outdoors augment the public library. 

Living and Shopping on Centre Square

In the neighbouring building on the ground floor are the retail and operational spaces of the major distributors. The main entrance faces the square in front of the hall building. On the floors above, two additional staircases give access to 38 flats and to the communal roof-top terraces belonging to them. The flats were planned under the aspect of age-appropriate living and are orientated in all directions. Large size concrete panels with inserted clinker elements form the facade and combine the different usages.

Community hall Steinhausen

m&r Manufaktur Gmbh as Manufacturers

One square, two new buildings and three height accents are the concept for the new community centre in Steinhausen. The number 3 also plays a role in the content plan and project name. It's about triad - triad of living, shopping and encounter. The building offers age-appropriate apartments, a shopping centre and a multi-purpose hall for meetings. The building complex is clad with a ceramic facade of geometric 3D tiles. They were developed according to the design of the architects MÜLLER SIGRIST and manufactured by hand in the ceramic region of Westerwald in Germany. The dark blue effect glaze acts like a mirror and gives the building a constantly changing appearance. 

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