Duplex MP

Duplex MP

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Duplex MP

OVO Atelier d’Architecture as Architects

The duplex MP is a successful answer to a specific program. The clients are a young couple who needed more space to embrace a new family member. The preliminary project was about the recovery of an existing apartment top floor, including the will to modernize the attic. Our idea was to work with the concept of spaces and volumes in order to create within them intimate and private functions.


The negative space between these elements generates an ambiguous area for meeting and union inside the house: the dining room and the living room intersection. We also worked with the section to be able to increase as little as possible the volume of the existing building, in order to have a minimum visual impact on the outside.


To suspend the volume of the rooms was one of the most important decisions. At the end, we focused on the movement dynamics between the spaces. As you can see from the plans we can detect two types of horizontal movement flows. The first one is related to the common spaces: the kitchen- dining room-living room. The second (from which the most intimate circuit begins) is related to: bathroom-wardrobe, staircase, office and bedroom. This design choice makes it possible to reach different housing scenarios while respecting the freedom and privacy of others.

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