Eder Altzariak

Eder Altzariak

IPARK arkitektura
Beasain, Spain
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Eder Altzariak

IPARK arkitektura as Architects

The "EDER" building, a kitchen furniture store, is a constantly changing since its inception. Since its construction as a residential villa, further transformation in a region clinic to its current use as kitchen and bath store Eder. With a building where the story describes a continuous adaptation of the space to a use totally different needs.

In a hostile environment, in an island surrounded by roads, totally marginalized, in no man's land, accompanied by eclectic, heterogeneous and isolated buildings (Regional police building, a shopping centre, a villa, etc.) its privileged location and its high altitude on the hull, make it a landmark at the entrance to town. We should mention what were the basic criteria that have been present in the projected outcome: First, we can say that the awareness that the building should respond, without prejudice, to the importance of use, to the functionality, without neglecting the attractive claim. The building must be an episode that completes the buyer's visit as a real and living element, in constant motion with permanent changes of the collection, the timeless concepts and designs, capable of allowing to the business owner a proper and effective exposure of the idea in sale. The building aspires to be a worthy frame, such as a kitchen furniture warehouse.

Doesn´t exist a particular type of how must to be a kitchen and bathrooms furniture store. This is mainly due to change of concept and interest in society. For years, the spatial nature of this kind of store, was static and was not selective in the type of collection that was housed there. Now, it has diversified due to the need to expose specific types of collections. Before were just basic distributions of identical replicas of the kitchen that any buyer would imagine in his home, with the same dimensions and characteristics. Today we sell a concept, a concept that shows a specific space required for each case, with a diversity of environments, dimensions, lighting, etc.

Many uses are included in buildings that were not designed for that purpose. The current demands today require a more specific type of use that will define it. The architecture is complemented by that which is shown in the building. The architecture participates in the process of showing. The exhibition relates to the design and style of the building. And at the same time, the building contributes to its content.

The project aims to be an operation that constitutes the occupation of a certain program needs within a building. We cannot fall into the trap of designing a space, a facade, a building with the sole purpose of creating something new, modern, and artistic. The main objective has been to design a new coating and spaces that stimulate to the user and that complement the exposition.

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