The building is located in a central borough in Mexico City which has started to redevelop as a result of a change in the city's development plan for the area. It provided an increase in density and building height, which in turn has prompted developers to create new low- income housing developments in the area.

Eje Central 717 is an eight-story building that houses 20 apartments of approximately 60 square meters each, in this project the architects wanted to break the orthogonality present in the urban layout and in the rest of the buildings that surrounds it.

The facade undulate both horizontally and vertically in such a way that the building seems to change shape according to the perspective of the observer, which makes it a focal point in an usually nondescript neighborhood of Mexico City and gives personality, not only to the construction, but to its inhabitants. The structural design is based on reinforced concrete walls, since they were required for structural stability, but further made them patent in having the concrete stamped with wooden forms that would bring out its natural beauty.

The housing units are aimed at the lowest income levels in the city, but while the project's financials were kept intact, also managing to produce a formal and sculptural building within the original budget by carefully designing and defining building materials. In the end, building costs are indeed the same for a poorly designed building as well for a brilliant one. So why not design a brilliant one?

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Tepepan, Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico - Build completed in 2017
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