Housing and Private Houses
Germany - Build completed in 2016

Energy efficient renovation of an old house

HAMMOODI & PARTNER as Architects

The old house is located on a 1250m2 plot next to a newly built villa on the edge of the Berlin forest. The house has been energetically renovated according to the new guidelines with triple glazed windows. The attic floor has been fully built-out and has been provided with a strong thermal insolation, as are the exterior walls. Old age extensions to the house have been demolished. The roof beams are lowered 1m so that enough head hight for the oblique rooms in the attic could be created. The living room has an atrium that extends over 2 floors. A gallery on the upper floor connects the mansard rooms of the attic. On the upper floor are three bedrooms with sloping walls, which make it cozy and a small bathroom. The ground floor has a floor heating. The walls on the upper floor have all been constructed in dry wall construction. The load- bearing wooden beams are left visible and give the old house its country like charakter. The bathrooms are black and white tiled and have age-appropriate ground level showers. The door openings are also accessible without barriers. A small wooden staircase in the old house has been replaced by an open wooden staircase. The windows have been partly enlarged and new roof windows give the house more light. The entrance facade is divided by a diagonal into white and gray areas. The diagonal is an extension of the roof slope and tries to bring a modern element into the traditional building. Above the entrance is a glass roof from the building market.

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The W.I.N.D. House
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The W.I.N.D. House

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Build completed in 2014
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