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Energy! Lobby Sculpture Installation

Tylevich Studio as Public Art


This concept artistically interprets the Blattner Family story. The proposed installation adds artistic vibrancy and cheerfulness to the two-story lobby atrium. The artwork consists of a glass spiral, visually reminiscent of a DNA double helix in the process of formation. The spiral is positioned on a stainless steel frame, and the entire sculpture is suspended in mid-air. Built-in, color-changing LED lights add to the sculpture’s elegant visual presence. Additional sets of cables support an independent glass art installation, which completes the composition.


Glass DNA: Two glass spirals fit into a 4 ft. diameter circle; each spiral is 11 ft. tall and composed of four segments of bent laminated dichroic glass. The width of each glass element is 10”


Glass Arcs: A network of cables supports an additional art installation. Two suspended glass ‘arcs’ soar across the entire space. These 30 ft. tapered elements will be made of dichroic glass of different colors.


This art concept fits seamlessly within the building’s design, taking advantage of the layout and atrium windows. When sunshine from the windows hits the artistic glass, reflections cast iridescent shadows around the space — a playful and beautiful expression of the energy, activity, and movement already within the building.


In the fabrication and production of this artwork, I will employ the most advanced technologies available. I will work in close collaboration with the client and art team

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