ERA Contour office

ERA Contour office

CONIX RDBM Architects
Zoetermeer, Netherlands | View Map
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Sigrid Schaap

New ERA Contour office with majestic steni elements

STENI AS as Manufacturers

On Friday 11th of November 2011 alderman Emmens officially opened the new office of developer and builder ERA Contour in Zoetermeer. During the opening all parties involved were clearly present. In this particular co-creation from Conix Architects is; both the design, the institution and the manner of work have been aiming promote cooperation. We have received the following quote from Conix architect:

The new head office of ERA Contour had to be durable and especially give space to their dynamic company culture. A vast programme of requirements had been coordinated entirely on `het nieuwe werken' and formulated already a clear spatial structure: square footprint with large atrium that link all deepenings with each other. In its design Conix architect emphasise that concept with split-levels, as a result of which extends visibility lines in and by the building and distances between staff shorten. Incisions and delatarations in the footprint break the massiveness of the square construction volume. With the vertical gable design the building seems now slimmer and higher than it actually is. The game of visibility lines, open and near, conducts both in the interior and the exterieur the main tone. In several ways you look straight through the different of the building. Within this happens with closed coloured or non-coloured glass parts along the floor edges, lamells baclonies. Outside the building opens and closes itself during the passing alongside of the facades. The abstract, black gable lining with its large areas and deep, slim penants contrasts violent with the transparency of the vertical gable openings concerning the complete altitude of the building. The coloured glass panels in the gable, of which most can be opened, revive the strict composition. On a context of blank and greyscales, is in the interior, the black colour bearer of a scale to violent colours. Each accentuates a colour `its' deepening separately. Jointly giving the colours a lively aspect and it ERA Contour this way desired `living room' feeling. Thanks to the ongoing cooperation between constituent and architect a building. has arisen that the values and company culture of co-creation of ERA radiate outline very clearly. And re-usable materials recycled with the obtained A+ energy label and scores the building in terms of sustainability.

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