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Estra is a Tuscan multi utilities company established in 2010, merging three different energy companies. The mission is based on a close relationship with the customers, on the peculiarity of each location, on the continue innovation in the communication field, on the need to change the energy sector, from trading and sales of a commodity , to higher and broader ideas of efficiency and energy saving.

This vision is reflected in the new concept of the Estra stores designed by ASZarchitetti. Solid and traditional materials recall the heritage of the original three companies (symbol of expertise, deep knowledge of the industry and intrisec timeliness of the product, nature), fused with modern and contemporary design (leading change, openness to innovation, anticipation of needs).

The apparent dualism between technological innovation, typical of the energy field and the feeling of intimacy that the customers need to perceive entering the stores, bring to the creation of two different areas: the selling area made by plastic tubes and the welcome area in wood finishing. A bundle of pipes, referring clearly to the company’s distribution infrastructure, becomes the main backdrop of the selling point. Some of these are colored in the four shades of the company logo, that represent the core services of the company: electricity - gas - telecommunications - renewable energy. These elements are not only a simple decoration, they become part of the furniture itself, connecting the operators and the client, like the pipes come directly to every users’ houses.

The customers area is instead characterized by the use of natural wood as floors and walls finishing: this material recall to the concept of home and family space which welcome and reassure the client. The wooden walls become the frame for the company’s info and communication system through posters, brochures and screens. Exactly at the transition point between this two areas, where wooden wall gives way to the pipes, there are the operation desks: exactly where there is the connection between the company and the customers.

Inside these spaces, the customer goes through a journey that has an experiential impact, strongly connecting him to all integrated Estra channels: he can find competent and personal consultancy, he is able to surf the web for free and use Estra's smart apps, is informed 24/7 by the exclusive Estra television channel with news from Estra and the world, is entertained by a dedicated radio channel.

Based on the new ASZarchitetti concept design, Estra launched a multi-year plan for the redesign of its entire network of 36 direct stores and the creation of new agencies in the served areas.”

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