Euramax competition entry

Euramax competition entry

Manuela Saldarriaga G
Roermond, Netherlands | View Map
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Euramax competition entry

Manuela Saldarriaga G as Architects

Milk is one of the products that help us and strengthen us as a species that delight us with itsthousand and one ways to transform , ¿what would a breakfast without any milk product? , Whatwould we be without cows ?

I can say many things about the cow , even a friend has a theory, that they are up to somethingagainst the world, with his lost and thoughtful look and with that curiosity his eyes. I personallythink its spots reflect the many galaxies in the universe , each of which has many forms andsmall details that know and gives identity to each of them as we give it every particle of the body.

In this contest I decided to do a galaxy as each cow means , many maps, in different orientationsand shapes that assemble in many islands, many maps , many worlds , many spots, thateventually show us how a cow in his spots is carrier in the world, delight and of each breakfast.

A secret curiosity, this is my first design, I'm a philosopher by profession and working withcultural projects, with a group of friends in Medellin Colombia discovered competition and wedecided to get the challenge of participating, I gladly accepted and it's my first creation, my firstillustration and my first competition.

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Hae-mut-jeHouse and Office
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Hae-mut-jeHouse and Office

287-5 Noam-dong, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea - Build completed in 2019
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