Family house Mseno

Family house Mseno

Stempel & Tesar Architekti
Jablonec nad Nisou Mšeno, Česká republika
Project Year
Private Houses
Ivan Nemec /CFA

Family house Mseno

Stempel & Tesar Architekti as Architects

Amazing view,still just nearby a city/town centre in a quiet residential area First impressions: ideal site yet still empty. Despite the low price of steep slope of the terrain does not allow a usual house and repels potential buyers.

This particular site was selected by a man, who looks forward to any kind of challenges and who as a client fully relied on our expertiese. Despite out affirmation, he still believed he will have a house without compromises and went and bought the site. This man later client ,owner of the construction company became devoted builder. He  was well aware of our work, we previously cooperated on some of our previous built projects. From the usual triangle client-builder-architect became a wonderful client-architect dialog.

Simple building volume is elevated into the free space by a pair of branching legs carried by a steel grate.The grate is touching the terrain at the point of access. These three bearing points can hold a lightweight timber building for a typical family.

This effective solution prooved to be also very effiecient and advantageous.The site is located in the Mountains where melting snow could potentially negatively impact the building form embedded into the slope. This also simplified the ground works and waterproofing and improved the budget for other parts of the building.

The client initially expressed a desire to own a house with all rooms on a single floor, after he bought the site he resigned from that idea, however we managed to design the house in such way after all. All rooms, living room, dining room and kitchen, three bedrooms, office, utility room, bathroom with a sauna and separate toilet. All directly accessible from the main road even for physically challenged person.

Cantilivering roof overhang protects large glazed window areas from overheating in summer, while this arrangement allows sunshine to enter the interior and contribute to reduce heating loads in winter. Every bedroom has a direct access to the terrace overlooking the garden, the town and mountain slopes.

Tree crowns and terrace compensate for an indirect access to the garden resembling a sever ski slope in winter. The best viewing points can be found on this ski slope and you have to climb down or ski downhill to enjoy them.

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