Featured working space of FPT Software

Featured working space of FPT Software

VUUV Architecture & Interior Design
Hoa Lac, Hi-Tech Park, Hanoi, Vietnam | View Map
Project Year
Tuong Huy

Featured working space of FPT Software

VUUV Architecture & Interior Design as Architects

- «STU and CLI workspace» is a typical space for IT engineers of FPT Software, located in the Concrete Lace building at Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park. It includes the following functions: two main working areas for 50 people, production area, seminar and performance area, library, entertainment area, meeting and telephone booths.

- Because the job requires a high level of teamwork, we determined that this would need to be an unique open space, but each function still needs to be clearly defined. In addition, this is a company-specific workspace, so it is necessary to find a corporate unique identity.

- To solve the above problem, we create a roof system made of bamboo. This architectural element will delineate the workspace with the public functional space. In fact, this bamboo roof system has many other uses. It has more clearly defined the workspace below, and also serves as a false ceiling covering the above technical systems. In addition, it will work as the sound absorption plate but in the meantime still let air conditioning and ventilation run through. Moreover, this roof system is also involved in creating lighting effects when it becomes a giant lantern. On the one hand, this lighting effect makes the workspace more dynamic, on the other hand it feels like there is an open space above, instead of being limited by a very low and dull ceiling like other common workspaces.

- In addition to the roof system, each large and small furniture is designed by us. They both perform their own functions, and are also spatial divisions. They are display cabinets, personal cabinets, library cabinets, phone booths, and even desks.

- With bamboo materials, we look to natural materials commonly used in wickerwork of traditional handicraft villages in the North of Vietnam. But here, this wicker art is seen differently in a larger proportion for architecture. This is also a way to bring the interior elements together with the building's landscape to create a harmonious natural context. It is very necessary for users to gain balance, especially when their work is very focused and tied to the high technology of the digital world!

- The morphology of the bamboo roof system becomes the users' own symbol. They regard it as “the cloud” when compared to Fsoft's cloud computing software development strategy, or as a giant connecting form like Internet ... Let users freely imagine!

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