Fire Station Enschede
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Fire Station Enschede

Philippe SAMYN and PARTNERS, architects & engineers as Architects

The site is located along Zuiderval, a main north-south lane leading to the city of Enschede from highway A35. The open and green character of the site is immediately noticeable and enhanced by a refined landscaping of the public space. The site itself, 75m north-south and 100m east-west, is in essence a true park with remarkable trees: beautiful beeches, plane trees and oaks.

The building is L-shaped. A main, four level building block is located along the north side of the site. Perpendicularly to it, a smaller wing stretches along the east border.

The entrance is situated at the base of the two wings. The garage, comprising thirteen bays for the fire engines, is housed on the ground floor of the main building in a double storey high volume with glazed facades and doors. The firemen cloakrooms and showers have direct access on the other side to the workshop spaces, warehouses.

Together with the reception room, the meeting and class rooms form an entity and are located on the east corner of the main building on the first floor. A fully transparent sports hall with its double storey height (second and third floor) marks the north-west upper corner of the building.

The firemen's rooms are situated on the second floor; the third floor is devoted to the office spaces. A glazed, parallele piped shaped volume accommodates the elevator, the main staircase and the firemen sliding pole. Balconies running at the second and the third floor, all around, act with the exterior free-standing staircases as a second fire escape route. They also protect the wooden facade from a direct rain exposure and allow for easy maintenance.

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