FL 4300
Ana Mello


aflalo/gasperini arquitetos as Architects

Residential and commercial condominium’s second and third towers are concluded

In 13,000 square meters of land, aflalo/gasperini invested on a mixed-use condominium (residential and commercial) with a unique urbanistic condition in São Paulo, FL 4300, comprised of three towers implemented on a U-shape in the land.

The empty space created by the implementation concept adopted has allowed for the creation of an urban void, transformed into a tree-rich square, FL Square, providing a unique area of living, working and interaction, with a wide area for public use. The tree mass, with more than 1,280 square meters, was created as a continuation of the square in the existing development across from this land, forming a broad, pleasant area, with landscaping by Gil Fialho.

With the intention of creating an open block environment, without fences, this space considered the integration of a restaurant, open to the public and already in operation, guaranteeing traffic and safety day and night in the area, bringing urban vitality to the neighborhood.

The land where the condominium is located is opened to three roads, the most important being Av. Faria Lima, in Vila Olimpia, Sao Paulo. The corporate tower is located there, FL Corporate, the most iconic of the buildings, with an angled form that brings visibility to the square and the entire condominium and access to this important street. This DNA contaminated and disseminated throughout the complex, creating an architecture of prismatic and Cartesian volumes with diagonal cuts.

The project includes two corporate volumes: the first to be concluded in the front building, with floor planes ranging from 860 sq. m. to 1075 sq. m.; the central floor, with lower volume, is destined for small commercial units between 58 and 94 square meters. The residential tower is built parallel to the corporate tower, with one-bedroom apartments with 35 sq. m. to 64 sq. m., and a variety of services.


A growing trend in urban spaces, Mixed-Use constructions (that include both residential and non-residential use in the same development) are in line with a global trend. Brazil, in turn, still presents a lingering urbanism based on the separation of neighborhoods and spaces in isolated centers. In other words, with the notion that “you don’t work where you live”. Moreover, often there are no areas for leisure or services.

The city of São Paulo’s Strategic Master Plan (PDE), approved in 2014, brings a new Mixed-Use Incentive Law. This bill to revise the PDE (PL 688/13) defines the strategies to foster the mixed-use of land, especially the coexistence of living and other uses, such as services, commercial, institutional and public services, in order to maximize the rational use of urban services, in particular the public transportation system. This proposal meets the other urbanistic parameters proposed, such as active façade and public fruition, to, in a local scale; potentiate urban life in public spaces and squares, and, in a larger urban scale, to balance the supply of housing and employment.

In addition to FL 4300, aflalo/gasperini’s portfolio includes other mixed-use projects. Among them, Rochaverá, in Morumbi, includes laboratories, banks and other facilities; Multiplan, a corporate tower with a food court on the top floor houses seven restaurants; and Torre Matarazzo, at Paulista, includes the Shopping Cidade de São Paulo, opening soon. It also includes residential mixed-use projects like Habitarte, in Brooklyn, with a supermarket located on the ground floor.

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