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floating house

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floating house

Satoru Hirota Architects as Architects

“House to be floating in the rural landscape” It is a house built along the main road in a rural city. (This house also includes gallery and studio.) In order to protect the residents from the surrounding any kind of noise, House has been surrounded by a gradual circular wall. When enter the inside of the wall, there is a serene space. The first floor is composed by three concrete volumes. Garage and gallery (for embroidery artist), and study. Residential entrance and gallery entrance are separately provided, respectively. and each have the courtyard and the garden. They are connected by the terrace which is sandwiched between the gallery and study. Living space with wooden framework has been lifted by the gallery and study. The space (was finished in white) on the second floor has a strong direction,and open towards the rice fields. You can overlook the rural landscape and mountains from the living space, and can enjoy the feeling of floating and airy at the same time.

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Gardens by the Bay

Singapore - Build completed in 2012
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