Frank Madeiras Office

Frank Madeiras Office

Solo Arquitetos
Curitiba, State of Paraná, Brazil | View Map
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Eduardo Macarios

Frank Madeiras Office

Solo Arquitetos as Architects

Integrating the workspace was always the main ideal of the Frank Madeiras office project. The client, a timber company with administrative headquarters in Curitiba, sought to build a space that would function not only as a management space but also as a show-room of its own production to receive customers and interested parties. From the beginning, we came across the incredible panoramic view of the space to one of the largest park in the city of Curitiba: Barigui Park. Thus, we seek to value this quality through the layout of functions in the free plan.

The presence of a pillar in the central range of the room served as support for the creation of a central volume that divides and organizes the flow in space. There, the boardroom and the meeting room, dividing the space around in storage, support, reception and work. This central volume is enclosed by light glass partitions that allow the view and the natural light to be taken from anywhere in the room. All the materiality of the project sought to highlight the client's material, showing all its quality of manufacture and the flexibility of its use in interior architecture: furniture, decorative panels and lining. In contrast to the tone of the natural wood, black, white and gray were used on the floor, showing even more its color and texture.

What was the brief?

An integrated workspace for the HQ of a Plywood Company - Frank Madeiras - that could also work as a showroom of their products.

What were the key challenges?

The main challenge was an existing column in the left middle area of the room. Other challenges, were the need of a closed meeting room, a closed office, and the obvious need to preserve the incredible view.

What were the solutions?

The solution was to design perimetric circulation spaces that organizes the whole program. Thus, we've used position of the existing column to create two parallel walls, that hosts the pantry, the archives and a central glass box - a shared space for the office and the meeting room. By doing this, we were able to democratize and preserve the whole panoramic view of the park, as well as preserve the natural light in the entire room.

How is the project unique?

I guess the main feature of the project is the use of plywood. As a "showroom" we've used it in different forms to showcase the quality and the flexibility of their product: furniture, decorative panels and lining.

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