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G735 Gallery

G735 Gallery

Ginza, Chuo City, Tokyo, Japan | View Map
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Daisuke Shima

G735 Gallery

TA+A as Architects

This is a plan for a gallery of imported cars in Ginza 7-chome, which has evolved from the conventional car sales brokerage system to a new form in which customers are directly connected to buy and sell. The space on the first floor of a building with a history of more than 50 years on the corner of Sotobori St, with a total length of 55m facing the street, was targeted. In addition to using it as a car gallery, it was set as a condition that it regularly holds events to experience Japanese culture and art for overseas travelers and visitors from rural areas, and that it can be rented as a rental space. The theme was how the space of the city expresses its charm in the city.


"GINZA MAP", which depicts the "miniature of Ginza" from Ginza 1-chome to 8-chome on the scale of a miniature car of S: 1/43, is laid on the entire floor of the exhibition area, and the actual car of 1/1 scale and Ginza It is a space where you can experience "unique here" with microcosms juxtaposed. 1400 square floor slabs made of precast concrete are used, and they are cast using a sheet with a hardening delay material, and the concrete surface made by hardening constitutes the map pattern. There is. In addition, the uncured part is washed with water to expose the base material to form the ground.


This place was intended to seamlessly connect the streets, driveways, and towns to the street space of Ginza. A mirror-polished black stainless steel sash is used for the exterior, and the cypress louver is inlaid on the back panel. By penetrating them into the interior ceiling, the whole view of the gallery can be seen as a "big wooden box". A group of cars stored in a wooden box emits light, which induces the expectation of pedestrians walking in the city. An aluminum box that also serves as indirect lighting is installed on the beam part of the direct ceiling, and all base illuminance other than the spotlight that directly illuminates the vehicle body is secured by indirect lighting.


Since many overseas travelers visit, the Ryukyu tatami tea room space and the lacquer highlight stage floating on the gravel are placed side by side as an exhibition space where you can experience Japanese culture and art. In order to obtain a free space freed from the restrictions of regulations even in existing buildings, a space with an exterior that can be used integrally without being divided into small parts by a direct ceiling with a height of 3.6 m by floor evacuation safety verification and without a smoke exhaust window Was realized. I hope that the streets of Ginza, where old and new history intersect, will continue to be softly colored.

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