Gallery House

Gallery House

Daniel Boddam
Bondi Junction NSW, Australia

Private Houses
Photography: Pablo Veiga

Gallery House - Bondi

Daniel Boddam as Architects

The existing Victorian semi was no longer able to contain my client’s extensive art collection; they had literally run out of wall space whilst also requiring more space for living and entertaining.  

The design concept was to declutter the interiors, paving the way for a calm and tranquil environment that functions as a gallery space. The charm of the existing house was preserved whilst a new minimalist addition provides more space, light and connections with nature. 

The kitchen, dining and living room are free standing enabling the two walls running perpendicular to the street to become walls for artwork which have been fitted with an integrated hanging system.  

The threshold between the old and new is articulated through a framed opening in the corridor. At this junction the roof to the new extension opens to a double-volume light well that reveals a glimpse of a sculpture on the first-floor terrace. New sculptural spiral stairs gracefully mimic the curves of the client’s piano. 

The rear courtyard has been designed as an extended living room. The door threshold becomes a casual seat. The water feature and pond activate the space, providing an ambient and tranquil environment. From this vantage point you can gaze back at the main wall that runs from the front door to the rear terrace to view the collection. 

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