Garden House

Garden House

6 Wentworth Road, Vaucluse NSW, Australia - Build completed in 2013
Richard Glover

Garden House

Pearse Architects as Architects

The central intention of this design is to provide an enriching & private experience. The owners have busy lives & the house is to give some sanctuary from the intensity of their lives: to arrive in a place that offers a sense of refuge, some quiet & a relationship to nature.

The site is bordered by large houses & was boxed in & impersonal. The design makes the space private & personal & is focused around a secure central garden.

The interior circulation follows the edge of the central garden, & rooms are double sided - to the central garden & the front or back garden.

Apart from the visual relationship to nature, the house is configured in relation to the sun & air: every bedroom gets direct morning sun & the sea breezes, the rear part of the house by a raised roof edge catching the sun & breezes. sustainable architecture category


Heating: a gas boosted solar water system provides hot water, floor heating & warms the pool water. Electricity: a grid-connected PV cell installation reduces the electricity burden on the grid. The house has high thermal mass. The raised rear roof is to catch sea breezes & direct them into the rear upper rooms via motorised louvre windows. Rainwater use: garden taps & clothes washing. Minimal maintenance.


The design is intended to have a strong connection to nature, to serve as a refuge from the intensity of their daily lives. The long term effects of this can influence the way in which people see the world. All bedrooms have access to direct morning sun & sea breezes.


walls: brick unfinished externally, render & plaster internally

floors: concrete

roof: steel on timber framing.

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