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NewsNews • 21 May 2024

Surman Weston veils self-build Peckham House in hit-and-miss brickwork

London-based architectural studio Surman Weston has completed its first self-build project in the vibrant south-east London neighborhood of Peckham. The aptly titled “Peckham House” stands apart, its monolithic form softened by the use of hit-and-miss brickwork — the distinctive veil envelops a home that is delicately handcrafted. Jim Stephenson Surman Weston Peckham House is the first self-initiated project by Surman Weston with the studio in the role of client, architect, and contractor. For directors Tom Surman and Percy Weston, it was an opportunity to move beyond the parameters of a typical architectural project — the role of contractor, in particular, stirred a passion for craftsmanship and m... More

NewsNews • 20 May 2024

Filippo Taidelli Architetto designs transparent “knowledge hangar” near Milan

Milan-based Filippo Taidelli Architetto designed the Roberto Rocca Innovation Building as part of the campus of Humanitas University, an international medical school. Located in Pieve Emanuele, a comune in the Italian region of Lombardy and part of the Metropolitan City of Milan, the new building is characterized by its transparent facade and wooden load-bearing construction. The design concept is that of a “knowledge hangar”, a structure with reconfigurable spaces that respond to Humanitas University’s ever evolving needs and the rapid pace of technological innovation. Giovanni Hanninen Filippo Taidelli Architetto Described as “a place of learning and exchange where science and innovation meet the... More

NewsDetail • 10 May 2024

Detail: Red facade and triangular plot create distinctive apartment building in Barcelona

Barcelona-based architectural studios MIAS Architects and Coll-Leclerc have completed the development of a distinctive apartment building complex containing 72 social housing units. The building is defined by its triangular plot and red facade, a reference to the area in which it is located. MIAS Architects and Coll-Leclerc Architects Adrià Goula La Marina del Prat Vermell is a neighborhood in the Sants-Montjuïc district of Barcelona. The area was once home to a number of textile colonies. Established in the mid-19th century, these colonies lay to the south of Montjuic (a hill with historical significance in Barcelona), close to the sea. Fabrics were dyed and then laid out on meadows to dry. The ground acquire... More

NewsNews • 8 May 2024

Snøhetta completes Norway’s first naturally climatized mixed-use building

Global transdisciplinary architecture and design practice Snøhetta has completed Norway’s first naturally climatized mixed-use building. Vertikal Nydalen is located in the Nydalen neighborhood of Oslo, a former industrial area by the river Akerselva. The visually appealing and dynamic structure incorporates a simplified and self-sufficient climate system, based on research into sustainable energy solutions. Lars Petter Pettersen/Snøhetta Snøhetta and Lala Tøyen Over the course of several decades, Nydalen has transitioned from an industrial area into a modern business hub. The site on which Vertikal Nydalen sits had been used as a car park. In a bid to transform the neighborhood into a vib... More

Project • By EERIHotels

Spark Lodges at YDD Resort

    The project was initiated due to the popularity of summer river-trekking at Jinkeng Village, a chill-out place where people would love to find a comfortable lodge to stay overnight compared to a tent. Given the fact that the village is part of Liuyang (Hunan, China), a city world-renowned for its fireworks industry, the concept of fusing contemporary industrial materials with natural and rural surroundings began to take shape. EERI EERI EERI EERI     The translucent polycarbonate panels on the roof are the most eye-catching feature of the exterior. This inexpensive material displays different visual textures at different angles and lighting conditions, forming the profile together with pine plank... More

Project • By WallmakersCultural Centres


 Nisarga Art Hub is an initiative by a family of musicians to make a community residency where people can interact and congregate for art and cultural events. The site was near a paddy field, with the traditional “Kerala Roofs” being the only feature crowding the horizon around it. Even though these traditional roofs are famous for being the ideal insulators and temperature regulators, it’s a waning feature in contemporary architecture today, simply because the darkness they bring is not suited to the modern man’s comfort and aesthetics. Thus, the idea to break open the roof to accommodate skylights that stream in the light was conceived.  Syam Sreesylam Syam Sreesylam The 35° angle of the ro... More

NewsSpecification • 2 May 2024

10 homes making use of straw bale construction and insulation

Straw has a long history as a building material, finding application in thatch roofs, as a binding agent in adobe bricks, as an insulant, and in straw bale construction.  It is increasingly recognized that the construction sector plays a huge role in contributing to the climate emergency, accounting for 37 percent of global carbon emissions. Straw, a renewable, recyclable, regionally available, and low-cost material, offers a climate-friendly alternative to conventional building materials such as concrete and steel. A recent report by the United Nations Environment Programme (2023) highlights that the annual supply of bamboo and straw, two fast-growing and renewable biomass resources, outweighs demand. The report calls attention to th... More

NewsNews • 2 May 2024

ATP architects engineers completes office building in line with “New Work” principles and sustainability goals

ATP architects engineers has completed a sustainable operational and office building for Austrian manufacturer Tyrolit in the German town of Maisach. The building is designed in line with the principles of “New Work”, a concept that embraces flexibility, autonomy, and self-fulfillment for employees in the workplace. Moreover, the achievement of sustainability goals is integral to the new building: allied to the ATP Green Deal (ATP’s response to the 2020 European Green Deal), the building’s sustainability goals are realized in accordance with the “40 Plus Efficiency House” standard. (This voluntary standard aims to improve energy efficiency by reducing energy consumption, improving indoor air quality, and... More

NewsNews • 1 May 2024

SOM completes “terminal in a garden” at Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport

International and interdisciplinary architecture, design, and engineering firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) has reimagined the conventional airport experience in its design for Terminal 2 of Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport in southern India. Envisaged as a “terminal in a garden”, the landscaped transport hub is inspired by Bengaluru’s reputation as India’s “garden city” and rethinks the architectural homogeneity of many of the world’s airports. Ar. Ekansh Goel © Studio Recall Ar. Ekansh Goel © Studio Recall The new 255,000-square-meter (2,744,797-square-feet) terminal is a creative nod to Bengaluru’s rich history and culture and at the sa... More

NewsNews • 24 Apr 2024

Mole Architects and Invisible Studio complete sustainable, utilitarian building for Forest School Camps

Mole Architects and Invisible Studio have completed “The Big Roof”, a new low-carbon and low-energy storage and training facility for Forest School Camps, a charitable organization that runs educational camps for children. Located in the Cambridgeshire Fens, a marshland region in eastern England, the new building is assisting Forest School Camps with its operational requirements and storage needs. David Butler David Butler Mole Architects and Invisible Studio The Big Roof is a 745-square-meter (8,019-square-feet) single-story building that replaces three previous structures in various states of disrepair. Mole Architects and Invisible Studio designed a multipurpose facility that incorporates storage,... More

Project • By Inspiral Architecture and Design StudiosRestaurants

Luna Beach Club Bali

Sitting on the cliffside of Nyanyi Beach in Bali, this project delivered on the opportunity to create a standout destination for events, dining, arts, and holistic hedonism combined with playful relaxation, where unique iconic architecture overlooks the ocean. The master plan features a series of groundbreaking naturally inspired buildings that create a hub of activity that is conceived according to Fibonacci sequences that connect flow and movement throughout the property. Inspiral Architecture and Design Studios Central to the complex is the main beach club which appears as a vortex-like structure, built of bamboo and basalt which serves as the main restaurant area, and is covered with layers of woven shades to keep the interior com... More

NewsNews • 11 Apr 2024

Austin Maynard Architects designs a “pretty” wellness-enhancing home in Melbourne

Australian architectural studio Austin Maynard Architects recently completed a new two-story house in South Yarra, an inner-city suburb in Melbourne. Designed for a family of four (and their dog), the house encapsulates the client’s vision for a “wellness-enhancing home that is architectural and inspirational.” The home is called Lang 靚 which in Mandarin and Cantonese means “pretty”. Built on a small plot, an orderly layout maximizes space and offers a balance of indoor–outdoor living. Tess Kelly Tess Kelly Austin Maynard Architects The clients were especially keen to live in a house without hallways and corridors. They placed an emphasis on having a pragmatic and energy effici... More

NewsNews • 11 Apr 2024

Ædifica completes residential development in Montreal emphasizing densification, sustainability, and quality of life

Montreal-based architectural practice Ædifica has completed Cité Angus II, the second phase of a residential development in the Technopôle Angus, an urban regeneration project in the suburbs of Montreal, Quebec. Cité Angus II comprises 88 condominium units, including two small first-floor commercial units facing a public square. The Technopôle Angus is Quebec’s first mixed eco-district: completed in 2023, the eco-friendly Cité Angus II development is now striving for LEED Gold certification. David Boyer The Technopôle Angus features a mix of office and commercial properties, residential buildings, green spaces, and public squares. First conceived in the late 1990s, the urban regen... More

NewsNews • 10 Apr 2024

Knox Bhavan reimagines challenging London brownfield site as contemporary low-carbon home

London-based architectural practice Knox Bhavan designed Threefold House, a new residential property in Teddington, south-west London. The low-carbon house is constructed on a brownfield site in a built-up area that was previously occupied by a disused warehouse. The contemporary home includes three courtyards and sits on a challenging 450-square-meter (4,844-square-feet) triangular plot, surrounded by other properties and a small car park. Edmund Sumner Caption The name Threefold House is a reference to the building’s “origami-inspired assemblage of geometrical planes,” explains Knox Bhavan. The site is bounded by a new 2.5-meter-high (8-feet-high) perimeter wall that recalls the former warehouse wall.... More

NewsNews • 8 Apr 2024

Mario Cucinella Architects completes sustainable Smart Factory in Brazil with distinctive roof and impressive funnel

Italian architecture and design practice Mario Cucinella Architects (MCA) has completed a forward-looking and sustainable Smart Factory and Brazilian HQ for Nice, an Italian multinational working in the home automation, home security, and smart home sector. Located in the city of Limeira in Brazil, the 20,000-square-meter (215,278-square-feet) building replaces the idea of a conventional, closed manufacturing space with one that prioritizes openness and creates a connection with the local community and surrounding environment. Duccio Malagamba The new building benefits from its proximity to a natural water source and forest, something that inspired Mario Cucinella Architects (MCA) to “explore a bioclimatic design model in te... More