Greenhouse Orchid Punta Del Este

Greenhouse Orchid Punta Del Este

Mateo Nunes Da Rosa
Punta del Este Maldonado Department, Uruguay | View Map
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Marcos Guiponi

Greenhouse Orchid Punta Del Este

Mateo Nunes Da Rosa as Architects

In times of Covid-19, Ana, a passionate about botany, specifically orchids, turned her hobby into a business: Greenhouse Orchid, and commissioned us to design a greenhouse that would also serve as an exhibition. The proposal is a transparent prototype, portable and adaptable that generates the perfect climate for the orchid survival. Two are manufactured, one for exhibition,another for blossom.


Orchids require a microclimate within a very specific margin. The environment must control temperature, lighting, humidity, ventilation, irrigation and nutrients beyond the outside climate.


A double envelope passively solves the environment and formally exposes it.

The outer translucent membrane protects from wind and cold, directs the wind towards the air intake and, depending on the orientation, exposes the orchids in the interior. The inner membrane stops direct sunlight, generates the required bright environment and also allows to see the environment from the inside.


Between membranes, a ventilated chamber is formed laterally or through a retractable roof. The air intake is through the floor and in case the passive systems are not sufficient, the same automation system that controls the lighting activates the air extractors. Then two large doors are installed on the sides of the greenhouse, creating a second natural ventilation tunnel.


The dimensions of each greenhouse are given by the total transport volume, its weight and the optimization of the most important materials: steel chassis, compact polycarbonate sheets and composite aluminum.

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Facade CladdingPlazit Polygal
Interior LightingSonoff
Product Spec Sheet
Facade Cladding
Interior Lighting
by Sonoff
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