Habitations CEPPI

Habitations CEPPI

U15 Novello Eligio
Corbeyrier, Switzerland
Project Year
Private Houses
Eligio Novello Architecte EPFL - FAS - SIA - REG A
Product Spec Sheet

Earthmoving and concrete structuresAnsermet
elevatorAS Ascenseurs
Wood structure and facadeBerrut
Wood carpentryBrites

Product Spec Sheet
Earthmoving and concrete structures
by Arcofeu
Wood structure and facade
by Berrut
Wood carpentry
by Brites

Habitations CEPPI

U15 Novello Eligio as Architects

The building arises by the dialogue between traditional materiality and contemporary shape. Prelude to a journey.

It sets itself in the landscape as an autonomus and wedge-shaped wooden ark, moored to the slope by a ramp which binds it it to the road. A contemporary Noe’s ark.

The ramp asserts the separation between the building and the road, opening the journey for the visitor through the construction, from the ground to the great view.

The « V » shape of the main front, stretched out to the valley, emphatises the opening toward the lowland.

Some domestics spaces are created from the more complex shape of the uphill side, between the ground and the buiding.

The main apartment set on two levels cultivates its relantioship to the sky with its double heights. The second one is inscribed in the socle, with outsides extensions.

A wide common welcome area overhangs an empty space on the main apartment and announces the vertical development of the construction. A mineral backbone structures differnciated spaces in the front and back area: mineral structure / relationship to the ground, skeleton wood / relationship to the landscape.

The black concrete compound coming from Arvel’s stone-pit, sends back to the brutality of the rock and reminds the anchoring of the construction on mountains. Inside, circulations are dug in a smooth and domestic concrete.

A net of larch, continuous and filtering, cuts a unique window on the spectacular landscape. Metaphor of the forest, transformed in construction made by lightness and weightlessness, which calls for detachment from the contexte. Invitation to departure.

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