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Hästholmssundet Nacka

Hästholmssundet Nacka

Kjellander Sjöberg
Nacka, Sweden
Project Year

Kjellander + Sjöberg

Hästholmssundet Nacka

Kjellander Sjöberg as Architects

The Hästholmssundet and Gäddviken areas together form the sixth and final phase of the urban development project of Kvarnholmen in the Nacka Municipality, Stockholm. K + S' winning design proposal comprises an innovative mixture/mosaic of content, where urban density and city life on the waterfront are combined with a sustainable green infrastructure.

The main aim of the proposal is to create an attractive urban environment on a former industrial land; comprising 900 - 1,200 new housing units with various means of ownership, commercial units, a new preschool for 200 children, services, a local recycling facility and an urban public space.

After having been filled up many years ago, Hästholmssundet once again becomes a strait by the introduction of a channel, thus clearly defining Kvarnholmen again as an island with a specific location in-between two larger bodies of water.

The proposed neighbourhood links the existing Finnberget hill development with the new Kvarnholmen area via a continuous structure of blocks and passages adapted to the topography, defined by sustainable qualities and proximity to water, creating both vistas and good communications.

The scale, heights and dimensions of the blocks contribute to the overall dynamic character of the neighbourhood as well as creating light streetscapes and courtyards with views towards the water.

The city's ecosystem plays an important role in dealing with unforeseen events brought on by climate change, such as rising sea levels, intense rainfall, flooding and drought. Hästholmssundet's highly-developed multipurpose green infrastructure can absorb and retain large amounts of rain water, as well as provide great qualities for the new neighbourhood's daily life.

Hästholmssundet's green infrastructure comprises new programs and common recreational and activity areas, new waterfront spaces, a marina, a neighbourhood park and a network of smaller pocket parks. The new quays create several active meeting places and a waterfront promenade providing a sequence of experiences. The neighbourhood park will provide a new transversal green connection between the hillside and the sea level, with visible rain water management solutions and possibilities for urban farming.

In order to create a rich urban structure, the land-use is very efficient and thus the Hästholmssundet - Gäddviken development will compensate for previous environmental missteps; the impact on the surrounding bodies of water will be minimised by the development. Moreover, remaining toxic sediments are covered by a special padding in the Svindersviken inlet, south of the proposal.

Expected development plan approval in 2017 followed by the construction start scheduled for 2019.

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