Honeymoon Private Island Presidential Suite

Honeymoon Private Island Presidential Suite

Architects49 (Phuket) Limited
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Presidential Suite Honeymoon Private Island

Architects49 (Phuket) Limited as Architects

The Tavatimsa Heaven

“Beyond the Jatumharachiga heaven settled is the highest land of heaven known as “The Tavatimsa Heaven”. This heavenly land covers a large area of 20,480,000 square kilometer, and surrounding it stands a long continuous glass wall that stretches into the sky. The place consists of thousand doors, each leading to a prestigious castle situated on the top. As the door slide apart an elegant flow of melody resonates throughout the place. A distance away, located is a pool of crystal clear water overflowing onto the ornamental stones bounding the pool. Garden benches provide a comfortable area for angels to enjoy their time and fulfil their pleasures. The most prominent and eye-catching castle of the Tavatimsa heaven is known as Paichayon Maha Prasat Comprising of a series of 7 glass wall reaching into atmosphere, and along with the series of enclosing glass walls nothing is comparable to the beauty of this place.”

The Buddhist belief1 stated in the passage above leads to a concept that determines the planning and forms of the buildings of Presidential Suite. Supplementary to the presence of the old building, elements such as engraved walls are integrated into the design. Besides casting various stimulating lights and shadows during the course of a day these pattern-engraved walls also control the direction of circulation, and, at the same time, deliver an intriguing approach to the entrance. Accompanied by the sparkling white pool, as rays of the sun sleep through the clear sheet of water, its colors merge with the emerald skin of the ocean in the foreground. Preserving the existing structure of a traditional Thai roof, meticulous alterations were made to the original building where the color white and glass walls are incorporated to achieve a light, airy atmosphere as though the buildings are hovering above heaven.

Note: Buddhists believe that heaven is a place for people who have done good during their lifetime, to experience pleasure after death. They also believe that there are six levels of heavens beyond this world, of which the Jatumharachiga heaven is the first.

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