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Putting aside the traditional concept of traditional homestays, the host hopes that the homestay can meet the needs of swimming pools, bars, and art spaces. Due to the limitations of the original space, the designers Shen Mo and Zhang Jianyong analyzed the plan and decided to demolish the whole building and reconstruct a new modern building.


The concept of "a tree in the water" was interpreted and reorganized to allow the building to grow freely like a tree and full of vitality in response to the beautiful scenery of Mogan Mountain. The choice of materials and the way of interspersing the structure make the building pure and independent in the environment, eliminating the impact of the surrounding environment.


Architectural design techniques are inspired by the five major elements of international architect Le Corbusier: free planes, free elevations, horizontal windows, overhead columns, roof gardens.


Different from the previous rules of architectural design, the facade is released, and the space is made into multiple possibilities through the interpolation of masses, such as trees growing freely in the forest. Horizontal glass windows are opened in the building block, and the scenery outside the window can be seen from all corners, and dialogue with nature is maximized.


On each part of the roof of the building, plants grow naturally and the colors escape the frame. It is full of vitality and agility against the pure white exterior wall.


The sunken card seat in the hall is flush with the horizontal line of the swimming pool. Guests can chat with the people in the swimming pool while tasting wine. At this moment, the boundary of the space is eliminated and time is slowed down. Only the current delightful Joy.


The courtyard is surrounded by the water system. The building is like floating in the water. From the swimming pool to the Tingbu walkway and the continuously flowing waterfall in the wall, the circulation and circulation between each other. The designer hopes that the building can grow infinitely in the water and give life and nature strength.


Step into the interior, sink the public space on the ground floor, lift the ground floor, and support the pillars to free the wall. Like a tree trunk, the space becomes transparent and spacious instantly. The glass design with large windows around it will The scenery is introduced into the room, and the scenery is full of natural colors.


The bar is placed in the center of the public space, so the space is in the shape of a circle, and the movement lines are cleverly planned so that people can freely move through it. The shape of the top is made obliquely, and the honeycomb cutouts inside can not only hide the traces of the lights, but also add a rich natural form to the space.


The design of the stairwell is full of highlights and surprises. The circular white installation abstracts the trajectory of the fruit.At the same time, in the space connecting the first floor to the top floor, the wall is left empty and a hollowed out design is designed to serve as a small art exhibition space, conveying the concept of fun life and love of art in the homestay.


The design of the room is concealed with natural life images, caves, bird nests, unfolded wings and other elements, as if inhabiting the forest at this moment, so far there is a wonderful experience in the space.


The overall use of warm white lighting and apricot color match, simple and natural.The wardrobe is designed with transparent brown glass, which adds color and hazyness to the space.A tatami chair is placed next to the floor-to-ceiling glass window to enjoy tea and enjoy the view.The bird-wing shaped wall beside the bed divides the functional area of the space and extends the sense of space.


The designer designed the parent-child room into a "white forest". When the sun shines, all the lights and shadows are displayed. The climbing wall on the wall and the small tent on the ground increase the fun experience for children, which is full of childlike fun .In the top room, the walls are painted with artistic paint to simulate the texture of the rocks in the cave, and a geometric skylight is opened to reveal the blue sky and white clouds outdoors, as if you are in the wild and enjoy endless wild fun.

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