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Hotel room design

Hotel room design


Dirk de Jongh

Hotel room design

DWanimations as Designers


Its a design for maybe a specific type of people but I really like to create contrast and also whit a bit of calmness in the colors this time. Please let me know your thoughts.?

DWanimations is a design studio focused on creating architectural designs not from a hand drawn sketches, but from a computer sketches!

This gives us the ability to create designs to the smalled detail. The client will be able to walk true he model as it is it is being designed giving the client a complete and open view of the design process. This can be done from any computer all over the world, so the distance of the client is not a boundary for our company. When the design is finish and the client approves we will prep it for the workers who will build the actual design.

By using this method we are able to reduce cost in the construction phase by over 10% because the whole design is already build in detail in the computer.All of our personal have a background in architecture and construction with at least a bachelor degree. We work for business clients as well as private clients. If you are interested in working with us just, mail or give us a call at: d.dejongh@dwanimations.nl / +31(0)646660291

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