House for Hamacho

House for Hamacho

Hyogo, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan | View Map
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Private Houses
Yurika Kono
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E-26Aoyama Dento
B1-555Fonte Trading
ARMS-USankyo Tateyama
Chojaku KonamiTsukiboshi Shoji

Product Spec Sheet
Chojaku Konami

House for Hamacho

BORD as Architects

We have completed a three story mixed use housing which wooden frames are attached around the layered steel frames in residential area of Ashiya City, in between area of Osaka and Kobe in Japan. The wooden frames are designed as temporal structures, equal to the other materials which surrounds the architecture to make the space corresponding to the everchanging desires of the users and continuously updated.

The site is located along a main street, in a quiet residential area, 5 minutes' walk away from the nearest station and its lively shopping district. Various types of residents live in this area, from parents with small children, students, creators within its rich natural landscape, the view of Rokko Mountains, the colorful ginkgo trees, the street decorated by small objects such as the plants raised by the residents or the benches placed under the shades of trees. We regard this landscape as the local resource.

To make openness which matches this local resource, the materials which surrounds the architecture – structure, windows, finishing, furniture, hardware, textile, plants, graphics, operation etc. – were treated as equally as possible.The timber frames are made as temporal structures, equal to the other materials which surrounds the architecture. These equal relationships of the materials realized the architecture which does not fall in to the binomial opposition structure such as public – private, administration – market, interior – exterior, before construction – after construction. In this site, things that surrounds the architecture makes new relations everyday and evolves continuously.

We hope the welcoming atmosphere of the House for Hamacho is cultivated by the hands of the clients and the users, making it a place where the nature, architecture and the daily life encounters, like the small but rich streets that runs over this town.

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