House H in Korien

House H in Korien

Private Houses
Osaka, Japan - Build completed in 2016

House H in Korien

Hisashi IKEDA Architects as Architects

House H in Korien is sited in the suburbs of Osaka, the second biggest city in Japan. This area was developed for housing about 100 years ago. Old houses are located behind large gardens, trees, and hedges. On the other hand, relatively new houses that were built in finely divided lands aren’t able to have gardens and greens. As a result, the backs of houses are revealed unintentionally and cars occupy small outside spaces.


This house is built in small divided site like other new houses. We designed retaining wall / building foundation, fence / exterior wall seamlessly, because we think it is important for houses, inhabitants and town to take part in streets.Floor planning is an irregular cross-shaped to face the streets, therefore the house has neighboring and distant greens views between surrounding houses. It makes inhabitants feel this house more spacious than it really is.


We tried to make relationships among rooms and inhabitants more free. Standard planning of housing have one main room plus other rooms, in contrast, this house has two main rooms on first and second floor to make resident’s feelings and relationships be released. These main rooms make relationships among inside and outside spaces relative.

Project team
Product Specifications
IKEAKitchen cabinets
LIXILWindow sashes
MitsubishiAir conditioners, Ventilating fans
PanasonicPanasonicLED lamps, Toilet bowls
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