House in Chiharada

House in Chiharada

Studio Velocity
Chiharada, Okazaki-city, Japan | View Map
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Kentaro Kurihara

House in Chiharada

Studio Velocity as Architects

Sky-view ground floor, city-like top floor

“Deconstruction of a multi-floored architecture”

A site with a two-storied main house is split in half and a new house for a young couple is going to be built on the vacant area.

Although there is enough space within the surrounding environment and there are no approximate buildings, it is inevitable that the new house be built rather close to the main house. In addition,a multi-floor living space was needed due to the limitation of the site area.

Therefore, to avoid facing each other, a round shaped volume was chosen against the corner of the square shaped volume of the main house. It was arranged so as to create a valley-like space in between the two buildings spreading open towards the outside. The round shape is set on an irregular shaped site, creating various shaped gardens around it that can be shared with the main house. Each room on the first floor in the round shaped building has a door that opens to the gardens.

A number of small rooms and a bathroom are located on the first floor, and a single large hall where everyone can gather is arranged on the second floor. Downstairs and upstairs are relatively close by lowering the height of the slab(the upstairs floor) that lies between the two floors, and therefore, the garden grounds can be seen even from the center of the second floor through the enclosed staircasesand downstairs rooms.

Entering through the entrance on the second floor, enclosed staircases arearranged within the living room that is filled with natural light from a high ceiling;the enclosed staircases look like slender structures of various heights. The space seemslike being on a street in a town, and makes you feel it is on the ground level although it is on the upstairs of the multi-floor building.

Each of the four enclosed staircases connects to an individual room on the first floor. When you look up at the open ceilings from the children’s room or the bedroom (inside of the enclosed staircases) that almost reach the roof, the sky can be seen and natural light pours down from skylights above the openingsin the enclosed staircases.It was intended with this house that a person be able to feel the ground and sky throughout, though it is a multi-floored building.

Elimination of the discontinuity between multi-floor stairs that usually existsmight result in theunfolding ofa united and continuous new living environment. By interrelating with each area, including the outside, and by intersecting the living spacefrom exterior to interior and from upstairs to downstairs, the hierarchy between the first floor and the second floor disappears and individual functions and sceneries mix together.

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