House in Himonya

House in Himonya

Private Houses
Himonya, Meguro, Tokyo, Japan - Build completed in 2018
Takeshi Yamagishi

House in Himonya

Opensite Architecture studio as Architects

This project is "house with Share farm".

Owner's friends can use share farm, she will make a small community through this activity in a residential area. Her friends make various vegetables, work together, and sharing the harvested vegetables. "Community Balcony" is not only a resting place but also communication space, and this space is half-open to the city.

Living space is private space, but open to the community balcony. And it leads to the 2nd floor by a big stairwell. There is "Washitsu (Japanese style room)" with large opening on the second floor. It is a Japanese style "Shoin zukuri" with a new interpretation. This space is guest room and 2nd Living space in the house.

UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences/CDRD
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UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences/CDRD

Vancouver, Canada - Build completed in 2012
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