House no. 15

House no. 15

Mehrdad Iravanian
Shiraz, Iran | View Map
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House no. 15

Mehrdad Iravanian as Architects

The continuation of horizontal line of nature mechanism contributes to the formation of spiral, where the linear forces aim the concavity of domicile as a destination. Organic nature of organ pursuit the matter of dwelling, rather than white horizon continuum of liner growth. This is the primal force of organic: the life of curves, the inwardness of lines for creating the context. The new extension to organic existence never allege the cyber real, instead the margin became a schematic abstract to extend of rebellious toward the idea of being replica. The first endeavor toward plasticity of movement in plan metric sense changes the direction to the rational oriented tendencies: the difference between cyber real of nature and cyber real of manmade. All chromatic, volumetric, and diagrammatic effort advocates the artificiality of material culture and its related components. The monochrome appearance of the object is not the extreme empathy for autonomy as a hegemonic force but preferably represents the inner force prevention of collapsing entity from imminent decay.

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