House of concrete structure with an abundant expression

House of concrete structure with an abundant expression

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House of concrete structure with an abundant expression

Huukei-Design.LLC as Architects

General housing with the material as the concrete starts to be constructed, and, the material which will pass and soon comes into one of the choices of course in now a lot. The expression is also very various by technological evolution and working method. An industrial image is done strike release concrete, but when building, a lot of craftsmen are completing it using a hand. House skilled in the landscape which plays an active part using the house of concrete where beautiful skin matter is shown and Okayama as a foothold of their skillfulness. LLC dealt with a design.

(1) It's also possible to express the feel of a material with the warmth by concrete material this. You'd be able to call the seed human hand the feel of a material out of which concrete forms a uniform line of the natural condition the cryptomeria board mold becomes hollow and interweaves before it's excellent is and the material which equal a wall including a contrast an accidental result by itself.

(2) POINT which should clear the cost performance and building also conceives the concrete of which it's also possible to produce the soft atmosphere by the effect of the illumination in spite of the hard material, but deterioration with age is the material which can be enjoyed like a wood, so the RIJIDDO, it's attracted to charm and it's also adopted much in a private house. More space which is composed of concrete by planting and the thing which also completes an outside appearance plan minimally stands out.

(3) Apricot and dogwood are planted in a site. I think those bring an expression which is also different from the side of the concrete depending on lost shadow again while feeling a seasonal change. It's a little incomprehensible, but Oku sees a gate made of steel which leads to an entrance of the house.

(4) This is a gate. A unique geometric pattern is done, isn't it? The element which gives the accent to space of the concrete casting release which often becomes uniform. When I pass through the gate, many layers fall on the line of flow such as arriving at a front door pouch through a light court, and it's a housing plan with the depth, so I move from the outside world to "house" while laying eyes on various scenes.

(5) Natural light puts in a front door hole from the glass plate put aside of the front door. The soft light holds an indirect lighting for the ceiling of wooden board sticking, and also produces a hole in the quiet atmosphere, doesn't it? Sir face where the concrete casting release which showed is cool also takes illumination and furnishings to an interior, doesn't it? They're a light coat and the deep housing where back LDK was separated off and the spatial structure by which the inside and outside of the country where a private coat continues intersects was adopted just before the front door.

(6) A wall in a kitchen is in concrete casting release. The material which is mineral matter is also chosen as work top and it has been built into a cool impression. The open kitchen which gathered a stainless think in line one with a cooker of IH is the very functional kitchen where work will be done while carrying on a dialog, so how about consulting by all means?

(7) A big opening is arranged to the private court, is open and is a light interior in the living room. Is the internal space also to complete it simply thoroughly, not that experience in space can call itself the design which is a memory and is left?

(8) This is also space facing the private court as expected. I hold an opening for the location which was added to the look when sitting down on a chair, and am making the connection with the outside last. And the pure material feeling of a plain wood and the study section which formed the space the combination with which the nature which is mineral matter of concrete agrees made dignified and cooled down have been finished.

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