Housing, Paris (75011)

Housing, Paris (75011)

Vous Etes Ici
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Housing, Paris (75011)

Vous Etes Ici as Architects

Located on the 11th arrondissement, a town house is undergoing a rehabilitation and a second extension. The condominium occupies a volume consisting of a main building and a first extension to the northwest. It is a complete solution with elevation to the third floor of the East part of the main building.

We create a bright third floor level with a beautiful ceiling height (3 meters) for use and enjoyment of living areas: kitchen, dining room and living room. These spaces open partly on the small terrace and on the other hand on the street. A glass ceiling of 4 square meters is provided on the terrace of the rooftop.

One of the main challenges is to maintain the reading of the main building and to harmonize its appearance. The bay of the first level, initially disproportionate, is enlarged and the chassis replaced to the identical other opening level. On the ground floor, the entrance door is requalified.

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