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Ililsiho Jeju

Ililsiho Jeju

studio fragment

Platt Dana Architects
Seoul, South Korea | View Map
Project Year
Kim Donggyu
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
Dining, Living roomHAY
Slit Table, Soft Edge10
Living roomFlos
Semi Pendant Light
Dining TableRichard Lampert
Eiermann 2 Dining Table
Time in Corner Sofa

Product Spec Sheet
Dining, Living room
Slit Table, Soft Edge10 by HAY
Living room
265 by Flos
Semi Pendant Light by GUBI
Dining Table
Eiermann 2 Dining Table by Richard Lampert
Time in Corner Sofa by WIE EIN KINO

Ililsiho Jeju

studio fragment as Architects

Ililsiho is located in the middle of Jeju Island and is a private rental house for tourists traveling to Jeju Island. Jeju Island is a tourist destination with a unique natural landscape. In general, tourists who come to Jeju Island come to enjoy and appreciate nature away from the urban.


The client wanted a space where such travelers could feel the nature enough in Jeju Island, so the resting space was calm and neat, so that they could concentrate on relaxation.


We tried to construct a space that was adequately emptied between nature and dwelling. Concrete was exposed to show the properties of the material as it is, and decorative things were excluded. We simply focused on the flow, mass, and gaze of the space, and all buildings have a long form.


The two buildings, the pavilion and the main building, were arranged horizontally and connected the two spaces with a tunnel. In the living room, while passing through the courtyard and looking at the pavilion on the other side, it was possible to feel a relaxed sense of space, and in the pavilion on the other side, the living room was arranged horizontally so that the living room could be read at a glance.


The tunnel connecting the pavilion and the main building is obscured from the courtyard and the outside, playing an intermediate role between the pavilion and the main building. It is an independent space while having a connection that connects with the direction towards the two spaces. It was intended to keep the gaze of people who use the space inside, and hoped that it would be a space where people could fully enjoy a rest and relaxation in Ilsiho if they stay outside the building.


Material Used:
Table-RICHARD LAMPERT-Eiermann 2 Dining Table
Pendant – GUBI Semi
Chair – HAY-Soft Edge10

Living room
Sofa – WIE EIN KINO – time in sofa
Table – HAY – Slit table
Lamp – Flos-265

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