Jewelry Salon "CHKHIRA"

Jewelry Salon "CHKHIRA"

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Irakli Chelidze

Jewelry Salon "CHKHIRA"

artytechs as Architects

When entering a retail jewelry shop, customers expect elegance. So, our team kept in mind that stores should be designed to favorably showcase the jewelry collection, allow customers to browse with ease and maintain security. We draw upon the company's business goals, vision statement and brand identity when developing store design. All was influenced by the unique characteristics of the jewelry collection and its target market. Enclosed glass display cases were incorporated in overall design. The shop has been designed to communicate the brand's values, as much as show off the products that are available. With so many new shops popping up across Tbilisi, it was imperative to come up with best interior design and latest look to stand out. Using different geometrical patterns with a modern edge brought a contemporary flair to our space. The main emphasis was on creating a space which would highlight the uniqueness of the works, so we decided to develop the interior with cooler and minimalist forms.

As a result, we got a space that creates a positive feel, enabling to view the works in a more calm and detailed manner. Such a solution to interior design, correctly planned vitreous spaces, as well as furniture minimalist shapes and correctly distributed lights gave us the outcome of which was the main challenge - to create space where the first attention was drawn to the uniqueness of handmade items.

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