Kandinsky. Mixed Use Block

Kandinsky. Mixed Use Block

Brusnika Company, Russia

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Kandinsky. Mixed Use Block

Brusnika Company, Russia as Architects

Kandinsky, a building in the city center of Yekaterinburg, combines residential and business functions. It was constructed in the historical area of the city next to the renovated Iset riverside.

Kandinsky comprises two blocks of varying heights — one is allocated for offices, the other for residential premises. Its functional split in half is contrasted with the visual three-section division due to light and dark elements of the residential quarters. The facade facings accentuate Kandinsky’s structure, visually merging the two buildings into one entity. The office block and the first two storeys of the residential quarters are clad with dark gabbro granite and bronze-coloured HPL panels. The remaining part of the building is faced with light fibre-reinforced cement tiles, whose shape allowing of an arched facade, makes it a hallmark of the house.

The residential block is a 17-storey building accommodating 88 flats and a spacious lobby on the ground floor. Two entrances to the building lead to the living quarters comprising from one to four apartments with an area of 51 to 152 square metres. The building also houses a threetier underground parking with the number of parking places twice exceeding that of apartments. Each flat supports the Smart Home system, providing individual control of
lighting, heating and water-supply systems.

Balconies are Kandinsky’s signature. All the balconies overlooking the arched facade (48 overall) have individual radii of curvature. Their geometric shape and black frame create a distinctive pattern against the white facade. The balconies are equipped with curtain wall glazing —solid roller glass can be folded as a screen, transforming the balcony into a summer terrace. The lightness of construction is accomplished by means of cement mouldings
separating balconies, and metal framework with the maximum extension from the facade axis.

A spacious lobby is essential for the residential block. Serving the building’s entrance or exit, this public space has been transformed into a comfortable parlour. Residents can use it to hold business meetings, communicate with each other or solve daily problems — thanks to the reception on the ground floor one can have cinema tickets booked or clothes dry-cleaned.

Lobby and corridor interiors have straight lines and smooth surfaces: ventilated facade systems and recessed door frames contribute to achieve a uniform plane effect. Dimmed warm light in the space evokes an atmosphere of a private club. Special attention is paid to the staircase and elevator section, with noiseless elevators, and damage and abrasion resistant car paint covering the doors.

The office block, located at 90 degrees to the residential quarters, comprises five floors and three underground parking levels. The building houses the HQ of Brusnika company.

Due to the difference in block heights a common terrace for the house residents emerged. The roof of the lower office block acts as the fifth facade — it accommodates a garden laid out for Kandinsky residents. The roof was used for planting adult trees for up to 8 meters high, such as Common and Mugo pines, or Canadian Medlars. A wooden terrace with larch panelling hosts a small amphitheatre, a children’s zone with a sandpit and private recreational spaces. Fitness and yoga are practised here in summer. The terrace can be accessed from the sixth floor as the storey height varies through the business and residential zones of the building.

Kandinsky’s distinctive trait is its residential top. Due to the outstretched roof perimeter-wise, an open loggia overlooking the city centre of Yekaterinburg is formed. It can be reached from the penthouse with panoramic windows on the highest floor. The roof overhangs, clad with HPL panels, are brightly lit from below. In the dark, the light rim makes Kandinsky easily spotted in the neighbourhood. The roof ventilation shafts are concealed with dark metal blades, matching the ones in the office block facade and lobby interior.

The landscaped zone around Kandinsky is split into a private area, reserved for residents only, and public space, accessible to all city dwellers. The private space features gabbro paving, used in facade facings, compact wooden pergolas made of larch, street furniture and densely planted trees and shrubs. The public area has paving, sparser planted trees and hedges, blending into the surrounding urban environment and creating a green space around
Kandinsky to protect it from noise and dust.

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