Kızılırmak Bridge in Turkey

Kızılırmak Bridge in Turkey

Sivas, Turkey

Kızılırmak Bridge in Turkey


With Sivas’s morphological and structural elements defining its physical conditions, the formation and transformation of its fabric is crucial to investigate in order to fully grasp the entity of the city. Kızılırmak, being a natural border-line, harbors the potential of combining the mentioned transformations in the city Sivas’s organizational set up.

When Sivas’s architectural typology and its historic evolution of the city figure is analyzed, it is easily noticeable that the new boulevard will play an important role fusing its two cultural and social hubs: Sivas Cumhuriyet University and Sivas City Centre.

Integrating the bridge with the boulevard by combining its form and structure, taking an avantgarde looking design approach to obtain coherency between plan and sections, and harmonizing the bridge with its topography are the three main concepts shaping the design. The pedestrian and cycle routes that are surrounded by a heterogeneously yet continuously diffused vegetation to encourage an ecological city life-style become one of the most important proposals of the project. The green areas that are to be integrated along with the new route (the bridge) organizing the transportation will be nourished by the water flow of Kızılırmak. The greenery will also expose the demand for cultural and social activities around the new pedestrian and vehicle traffic flow. Thus, this demand and activating the site becomes equally important as the bridge’s architectural structure.

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