Koktobe City - a new format of urban living

INK Architects as Architect

Koktobe City is a mid-rise residential complex, located in a hillside in a highly seismic active zone. The project is currently under construction and is planned to complete in 2020. The development bridges two sides of a highway road and connects the residents and visitors to the nature of the region. It addresses the issues of a big city, such as noise pollution and social disconnection. The residents will enjoy the benefits of 2-4 story buildings. Living in a compact and dense neighbourhood enhances the sense of community and overall wellbeing level. The facade features and building materials vary from house to house to create visual diversity and sense of space.
Moreover, the apartments are designed for flexibility: the owners could re-arrange internal spaces and merge flats as they nee. The ground floor apartments have their own terrace spaces which increase the natural surveillance levels and ownership responsibility of the residents.

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Aviatorilor 8, Bucharest, Romania
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Aviatorilor 8, Bucharest, Romania

Bulevardul Aviatorilor, București, Romania - Build completed in 2017
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