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Parisauli Arsitek Studio
Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia | View Map
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Klereng Creative


Parisauli Arsitek Studio as Architects

Space of kindness is never created because it was born and laid on every person. The ideas about creating a space of kindness was started with a simple mind, about how every person can come together and sharing their positive energy. The diversity is not an obstacle for each person to come inside this space. However, this space needs energy from the diversity that becoming one and sharing their positive energy. After all, this project goals is the idea to bring the space of kindness inside the social environment, through the architectural form.

KotaKrat is a "ruangkebaikan" (space of kindness) that starts from the diversity of people's needs, behavior and habits. The existence of this space of kindness adapts to the context, location, and needs of its user community. Space of kindness may appear as a stall, prayer room, emergency posts, shelter, bus stop and others.

This space was created to represent those ideas. Created by crates that is easily found in everyday life but not every day needs. This crateare easily arranged into a space.

Those modular forms from a crate which is creating a lot of form and function. And then just need some arrangement to make those functioned as an architectural element. The crates could arranged into roof, partition and wall. Simply by adding some screw to make those crates rigid.

Taking an advantages from plastic crates, that is not an environmentally friendly, this material has a durable against the nature force. In other side, we're hoping for people around the world to make some movement for reusing a waste.

This idea of Kotakrat that representing the space of kindness was started in Indonesia, that have a high diversity. Started by choosing the right user was one fundamental step to make a space of kindness sustain and formed in the middle of society. The first form of the Kotakrat is a small mosque according to the needs on site. The first goal is to make this system could sustain in some society by taking advantage of their needs. Because of its function as a prayer room, we made an additional roof by adding some columns and frame.

A small mosque that appears in public space could provide a lot of moslems need. Such as praying 5 times a day on wherever they are, which can be used all the time and is used by many people. This was one effort to make the space of kindness sustain in society. Hopefully by the time, this Kotakrat system could be accepted and being applicable by society itself.


Material Used:

1. Re-used Crate – Wall, Partition

2. Re-used Crate – Deck Base

3. Re-used Crate – Roof

4. Polycarbonate – Roof – Twinlite Polycarbonate

5. Hollow 4 inch – Coloumn

6. Vynil – Flooring – Taco Collection

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