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Marc Koehler Architects

Marc Koehler Architects

Architects from Keizersgracht 126, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Marc Koehler Architects was founded in Amsterdam in 2005. Since then we have combined design with research, and practice with theory, across a broad portfolio of both realized and conceptual projects.

You can see our experimental houses in streets across the Netherlands. We have also completed a number of interior design projects for museums, theatre performances, offices and homes. Significant public buildings in Belgium are under construction.

We teach design at several universities and often write about architecture.

It is our mission to place people at the centre of our work. In order to achieve this we try to involve the clients and users of our designs at every stage of the process.

Our work is practical but also conceptual, playful - but not ironic. We are fluid and open, and always collaborate with other professionals to achieve our goals.

All the human senses are engaged through products derived from particular and precise details which combine craftsmanship with new materials and technologies.

We think it is important to take responsibility for the entire end to end process: from concept, on to design and implementation.