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Les Bébés Café and Bar

Les Bébés Café and Bar

JC Architecture
Taipei City, Taiwan
Project Year
Kyle You

Les Bébés Café and Bar

JC Architecture as Architects

For customers, this sense of delight, surprise and freshness of transformation from the entrance into its take out area, into its cafe area is an ever changing scape that once again allow architecture and Les Bébés product to sync and compliment each other.

Upon the success of the first Les Bébéscupcakery store using the simple gesture of folding in creating the store space, the "folding" action became very interesting to us and we wonder how we can recreate this spatial concept without again to fold out space, but still be able to continue this concept in our 2nd store.

UN-PACKING THE FOLDING We relook at the packaging box, and wonder what if we record the idea of folding, so it's about the "action", rather than the "result". We took the box and simplify it down to its structural elements. With 4 different folding steps, 0, 30, 47 and 90 degree angle, we folded the box from its original state to a 3d object. We created a series of these boxes in these 4 angles so the transition from the exterior of the shop to the interior is an journey of discovery and excitement.

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