Less aesthetics more relation

Less aesthetics more relation

Seoul, South Korea
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Commercial Landscape

Less aesthetics more relation

TunePlanning as Architects

Our has completed recently a building with the architectural elements same to had been used at our previous project DayangSanghoi at Pyeongchang-dong introduced on this korea magazine in September of 2014.

However, this project isn’t a series of the project at Pyeongchang-dong.

Saying that we has concentrated on the world of Lee U Fan’ artwork, a master of Monoha which gives object fundamental existence and emphasizes relation between object and object, object and human, by presenting the materials such as wood, stone, clay, steel sheet and paper as we are without touching them.

Mono of Mono Ha means ‘object’ in Japanese, and Mono Ha is an art trend in 1960s and 1970s of Japan originated in the interest about object.

Lee U Fan’s viewpoint on the object is just relation between object and world.

Just as Lee U Fan’s artwork ‘Relatum’ thrown unintentionally forms relation with objects placed around it such as steel and glass, this project looks like several stones thrown unintentionally on the site of Seoul.

It is new attempt proceeded by Tune Planning through its own approach, as an artwork of Lee U Fan forms relation with world though minimum intervention.

Client had a plan to build a building for rental at the area around Hongik University, and proposed that all the accesses to each floor are separated in order to be used independently because it might be rented by different tenants respectively.

Spaces of each floor with private stairway and terrace are not the interior of building but the separate space for forming relation with its surroundings.

To build a building has very many variables. At first, this building was planned to rent to each tenant by floors, but in the course of renting, it became to meet an online shopping mall brand ‘CHUU’ who wanted to rent the whole floors. There was no tenant scheduled to move in this building at the time when it was planned, so it couldn’t be designed for a certain tenant. Differently from the original intention to embrace various contents, this building had to have much stronger brand identity according as it met the brand ‘CHUU’.

The brand ‘CHUU’ had no definite BI. We decided its direction for interior space as flagship store with an atmosphere just like dreamlike hotel in pink color through many meetings with the client, and depending on it, we chose ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ as its concept. We expressed the image expanding infinitely through mirror and used linear element and arch repetitively in order that this space could look feminine and floating just like the movie.

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