Line of Form

Line of Form

Maxim Kashin
Moscow, Russian Federation
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Dmitry Chebanenko

Line of Form

Maxim Kashin as Architects

The main idea of this project is to show the effect of the usual line on the perception of the form of space. Show how the simple geometry of the volume of the room and the geometry created by a rhythmically repeating line, visually creating the complex geometry of the usual rectangular space, interact. The pavilion shows a person space created not by the usual shape of the walls but created by the geometry of the line, which is the shaping element of this space. 

The pattern is a repeating element, a linear pattern, interpreted canvases by graphic abstractionist Victor Vazarelli, who believes that “Optical illusion is originally present in our visual perception: the image exists not only on the canvas, but in reality, both in the eyes and in the viewer’s brain”.

Curved furniture was used in the project to strengthen the effect of the pattern that is covering walls and floor. Yellow round coffee table and green armchair set the colour accents, thus forming the visual path for a visitor to study the installation. We also added white round lamps to illuminate the space and support the geometrical concept. Both surfaces of the yellow coffee table and the metallic lamp standing on it reflect the pattern, creating the effect of the infinite space. All in all, the pavilion is an optic illusion, a multitude of lines, refracted in the space and creating the pattern. Space fascinates a visitor, immerse him/her in the geometrical world and let him/her examine every little detail of the installation. 

This project was completed for the Moscow Design Week 2018.

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