Loft sui navigli

Loft sui navigli

Gabriele Gotti
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Loft sui navigli

Gabriele Gotti as Architects

A young married couple, both of them hospital doctor, a five years old child, an old attic on the fifth floor, without a lift: a good challenge for an architect.

The demands of the clients concerned the exploitation of space, both for the usability that the potential for spectacular enjoyment of the scenery outside, with a request that a part of the living room wall was replaced by a large window.

The design practice has been conditioned and, somehow, enhanced by the installation scenic obtained after the demolition of non-structural parts in the volume: this facility, which is defined on one side by the large gap between the floor and the head (the height of the ridge is almost 5 m) and large trusses, certainly not a sophisticated technique, but in very good condition and witnesses of the transformation of the space.

The box of bathrooms, laundry room, hallway with wardrobe, positioned according to the canonical scheme as a filter between the public area and the private area assumes a strategic role: it does not alter the perception of the original volume of the attic and its coverage becomes an area of stay and transit, through a system designed with cast iron, to a small room called "The Japanese Room" furnished with a futon, a sculpture and a table with a computer. Also access to the coverage area of the wardrobe, takes place through an iron staircase with steps in bent sheet metal below which hangs a hanging bookcase always bent sheet metal.

The lighting in the central part occurs through two large windows Velux with electric control and automatic closing and also the bathroom, double height in the area of the basin, is illuminated and ventilated in the same way.

The use of iron and iron sheet bent, even for unusual destinations, is one of the characteristics of the project have already: a staircase bookcase and small balconies that lead to the Japanese room, but they were also designed the furniture of 'stereo galvanized steel and rubber and platforms Orsogrill ® on small terraces that serve as the Venetian roof-terraces, as a support for the vessels of green and trays for appetizers.

The furniture, to a minimum, consist in the living room from the kitchen block Forster sheet anthracite and, at the opposite end of the large room from the library to the whole wall.

In the night the hallway consists of a fitted wardrobe: this has allowed us to eliminate the cabinets from bedrooms.

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