Logistic Republic Park Office

Logistic Republic Park Office

JC Architecture
New Taipei City, Taiwan
Project Year
Kevin Wu

Logistic Republic Park Office

JC Architecture as Architects

The logistic office and warehouse were set among the mountains of Ruifang, on the outskirts of Taipei City. The reconfigured space introduces a new approach to logistic offices as opposed to the stereo typical ware house work place.The design embodies a casual, warm and playful environment that reflects the belief in each individual’s ability to show initiative.

Given the large column span and high ceilings of the site, juxtaposing withthe beautiful views of thesurrounding mountains, we decided to explore theidea of Openness.We wanted to create a place that promoted creativity, personalization andcollaboration while playing a role between the interior and exterior.

The arches design is inspired bythe concept of the courtyard, framing them with different heightsand widths to perfectlyaccommodatewith the idea of gathering.The workstations are placed in what we call the“cloister area,”a hall enclosed by arches with oneside facing the inner buildingand the otheroverlooking the courtyard.

The courtyard is bright and opens as an outdoor plaza, and surroundedby the wooden arcade and its multiple doorways, linkingthe workstations and courtyard together.We created the layout in a human-scale approach with smallgroups and breathing spaces, as it dissolves the hierarchy of atypical office.

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